Nevada State Board of Cosmetology + the salon owners have set out a new salon protocol and guidelines for us to adhere by. 

They will be listed below.


- No walk ins. By appointment only.

- Temporarily limited/shortened daily hours to limit traffic

(This means it may take longer to get an appointment in the salon due to shorter hours and less clients in a day)

- High risk clients will be booked from 7:00am-9:00am 

(Please let me know if you are high risk and wish to be scheduled during these hours)

- Longer time blocks in between client appointments allowing for time to properly sanitize/clean.

(This means it also may take longer to get an appointment in the salon due to extra time taken out of day for sanitation, meaning less clients being able to be served)

- Waiting area is temporarily closed.

- *If you don't wish to come into the salon but would still like to purchase hair products: I will still be offering doorstep delivery/curb side pick-up. Or you can always purchase product during your hair appointment.

- *The salon will be thoroughly cleaned/sanitized before and after every client's appointment.

- *I have been educated and certified in Barbicide COVID-19 certification to properly know how to protect/sanitize.


- Please come ALONE. There will be no other person(s) allowed in the salon with you during this time.

- Please STAY in your car upon arrival and TEXT when you arrive. I will TEXT you back as soon as I am ready for you to come in. 

- Please bring in minimal items. Please leave extra bags/coats in the car.

- There will be an infrared thermometer check before entering the salon. If you have a fever, we will sadly have to reschedule.

- There will be NO hugging or handshaking. Social distance as much as possible.

- Wear a face mask upon arrival. (Both of us) 


You will have to provide your own mask. If you do not have a mask, please find one beforehand that does NOT go over your head but goes over your ears. I will not be able to do your hair if it goes over your head.

ALSO, please keep in mind, if you are receiving a color service, the mask can/will get color on it so keep in mind if you'd rather use a disposable or if you don't mind color stains on it.

If a mask is not worn during service, the service cannot be completed.

- Have sanitized, clean hands. Upon arrival, I will also give you hand sanitizer. My hands will have also been sanitized.


- Wear a face mask while in the salon and during service. (Both of us)

- I will be using a fresh set of clean, sanitized tools for every client.

- Refrain from talking SPECIFICALLY while at the shampoo bowl as this is when we will be in closest face proximity. (The perfect time to sit back and relax!)

- If you are only receiving a haircut service, you have the option of no shampoo. You can either come in with wet hair, or recently washed dry hair. OR I can still happily shampoo your hair. I will be asking you beforehand what you prefer.

- There will be no double booking (meaning no more than 1 client at a time.)

- Blow drying/hood dryers are temporarily not allowed. This means each client will unfortunately have to leave damp/un-styled. 

- *State Board requires me to notify clients that blow drying is a heightened risk of exposure as it causes air pathogens to rapidly circulate. 

- *If you would like to find other ways to reduce your time spent in the salon, please contact me prior to your appointment on ways we can shorten your service time.

- Food and beverage services are temporarily suspended. Please feel free to bring your own drink in a closed lid container. No food allowed in salon.


- I am still using the same checkout system (Square) on iPad.

- Card, Cash, or Zelle are all ACCEPTED forms of payment. NO check or Venmo.

If you decide to pay digitally (not required), Zelle is a great option and I would recommend to download the app and get set up before.

- *When checking out for your appointment, I will be giving you a pair of your own disposable gloves to use the checkout system and leave the salon with. (Dispose of the gloves AFTER you leave the salon) 

*Please let stylist know if you have a Latex allergy

*If for some reason, gloves are not available, your hands will again be sanitized and the checkout area will be highly sanitized prior/after use.

- No hugs or handshakes goodbye.







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