Stand Alone Haircut - 80 - For clients only wanting a trim/haircut, no color. 

Recommend: Every 3 months

Est. Time: 1 hour

Toner - 140 - Refreshing the tone of hair only. Ex. - Neutralize brassy tones or enhance certain tones. 

  • A toner does not lighten/darken hair. It is meant for only a refresher in between appointments to keep the tone of hair looking good.

  • Great for in between balayage appointments.

Recommend: Every 6-10 weeks

Est. Time: 1 1/2 hour 

Root Touch Up - 160 - One solid root color. 

Recommend: Every 6-8 weeks

Est. Time: 1 1/2 hours

All Over Color - 200 - One solid color all over. 

Recommend: Every 2-3 months

Est. Time: 2 1/2 hours 

1st Time Client/Initial Balayage - 350-450 - All 1st time clients required to transform and address all needs. This includes absolutely everything to address most of the work needed to get your current hair to your goal. Includes all color/foil work, haircut, treatments, styling, etc.

If current hair color needs major correcting, it will then be considered a color correction and then will be charged hourly.

Est. Time: 4-5+ hours 

Full Highlight/Balayage - 300-350 - Includes touch up of the full head. And/or if client is wanting all over change (all over lighter or darker). 

  • Please keep in mind - if you are wanting to change your current color (go lighter/darker all over), a full needs to be booked. A partial will not cover the color to be changed all over. If you are booked for a partial and want change all over - it will need to be booked for a full the next appt. 

Recommend: Every 3-6 months

Est. Time: 4+ hours 

Partial Highlight/Balayage - 250-300 - For clients who are happy with current color, up-keeping current color only, includes touch up of HALF of head.

  • Please keep in mind if you are wanting all over change (all over lighter/darker - a FULL needs to be booked.)

Recommend: Every 2-4 months

Est. Time: 3 hours

Color Correction/Transformation - 120 Per Hour - Hair that needs drastic change and/or correcting. Consultation needed. 

Est. Time: 4-6+ hours

Keratin Smoothing Treatment - 350-400 - Professional smoothing treatment lasting 3+ months.

Est. Time - 3+ hours

Extension Install - 1500-2500 - Includes the purchase of high quality extension hair. The coloring of natural hair + extension hair. The application of installing the extensions. And the cutting/blending of extension hair into natural hair. 

Est. Time : 5-7+ hours 

Extension Maintenance - 450-650 - Includes the takeout + re-install of extensions. The coloring of natural hair + extensions. If any - additional cutting/blending. 

Every 6-8 weeks.

Est. Time: 4-5+ hours