Stand Alone Haircut - 75 - For clients only wanting a trim/haircut, no color. 

Recommend: Every 3 months

Est. Time: 1 hour

Toner - 120 - Refreshing the tone of hair only. Ex. - Neutralize brassy tones or enhance certain tones. 

  • A toner does not lighten/darken hair. It is meant for only a refresher in between appointments to keep the tone of hair looking good.

  • Great for in between balayage appointments.

Recommend: Every 6-10 weeks

Est. Time: 1 1/2 hour 

Root Touch Up - 150 - One solid root color. 

Recommend: Every 6-8 weeks

Est. Time: 1 1/2 hours

All Over Color - 185 - One solid color. 

Recommend: Every 2-3 months

Est. Time: 2 hours 

Partial Highlight/Balayage - 200-225 - For clients who are happy with current color, includes touch up of HALF of head, for up-keeping current color only. 

  • Please keep in mind if you are wanting all over change (all over lighter/darker - a FULL needs to be booked.)

Recommend: Every 2-4 months/

Doing 2 partials then 1 full and repeat.

Est. Time: 3 hours

Full Highlight/Balayage - 250-275 - Includes touch up of the full head. And/Or if client is wanting all over change (all over lighter or darker). 

  • Please keep in mind - if you are wanting to change your current color (go lighter/darker all over), a full needs to be booked. A partial will NOT cover the color to be changed all over. If you are booked for a partial and want change all over - it will need to be booked for a full the next appt. 

Recommend: Every 4-6 months/

Doing 2 partials then 1 full and repeat.

Est. Time: 4+ hours 

Initial Full Highlight/Balayage or 1st Time Client - 300-350 - All 1st time clients required to transform and address all needs. Or a current client that needs color transforming.

Est. Time: 4-5+ hours 

Color Transformation - 100 Per Hour - Hair that needs drastic change and/or correcting. Consultation needed. 

Est. Time: 4-5+ hours

Keratin Smoothing Treatment - 350 - Professional smoothing treatment lasting 3+ months.

Est. Time - 3+ hours

Extension Install - 1200-2000 - Includes the purchase of high quality extension hair. The coloring of natural hair + extension hair. The application of installing the extensions. And the cutting/blending of extension hair into natural hair. 

Est. Time : 5-7+ hours 

Extension Maintenance - 450-650 - Includes the takeout + re-install of extensions. The coloring of natural hair + extensions. If any - additional cutting/blending. 

Every 6-8 weeks.

Est. Time: 4-5+ hours 







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